Complete Knowledge Management Strategy

We work with your organization along it’s path toward a complete knowledge management solution. We will help you find your focus, then facilitate the process of auditing your activities, selecting a knowledge repository platform, designing and creating a tool (alongside your IT department), capturing your team's implicit knowledge and populating your knowledge management tool.
We support you in developing strategies to ensure ongoing knowledge harnessing and tool curation over the long term.


A year ago, each of us knew our individual position well, but no one else could begin to understand some of the “little” things we did to make our Centre the wonderful place it is. Julie steered us towards a Knowledge Base. At first, I was intimidated. How could I ever put on paper what I do?? But after our work with Coherent Solutions everything is catalogued and anyone can come in, refer to it, and understand how we work - Linda

Other Facilitation Services

Capturing Implicit Knowledge
Do you have experts you know you’d be lost without? Let Coherent Solutions pair with key members of your team to elicit knowledge that is then organized and packaged. We document both routine and non-routine tasks, capture historical context, special insights and techniques and relationship intel to not only preserve critical expertise and know-how, but also preserve relationship capital. We present you with a Knowledge Map you can use as a guide for training and mentoring successors.

Knowledge-Based Exit Interview Facilitation
Do you have a core staff member who is leaving your organization? Are you in a panic about how to capture their knowledge? Coherent Solutions can facilitate a knowledge-based exit interview with the individual to help you identify key areas of implicit and tacit knowledge and support the individual in translating what they know into a format that is accessible and useable by colleagues and successors.

Platform Selection
Let us help you navigate the complex world of Knowledge Repository options to find the right solution for your organization.


Workshop topics include:

Knowledge-based interviewing
Harnessing Implicit Knowledge
Conducting Activities Audits
Developing a Knowledge Management Strategy
Create better tools: checklists and templates

Workshop Testimonials

"Julie was excellent! Engaged, knowledgeable"

"Good balance of academic; practical, stories/examples/small and full group discussion, lots of practical take-aways"

Awesome workshop! Great topic. So applicable in work and volunteering