In 2015 the Bridgespan Group conducted a large survey of Non Profit leaders examining their use of Management Tools. The report stemming from that survey found that Knowledge Management Tools had some of the lowest satisfaction ratings.

Why is this?

The problem lies not with the tools they are choosing. It’s simply that Knowledge Management is HARD to get right.

Leadership needs to be on board….

……So do all core team members……

 ……And it takes timelots of time.

These are barriers that are not easily overcome. But, they are worth tackling – because done well, KM strategies can quickly have significant impact on the success and efficiency of your organization’s activities and be intrinsically rewarding.

The keys to doing it well:

  • First, have a clear purpose and goal (what are we trying to improve? what do staff need to know to make better decisions?)
  • Develop intuitive systems that are easily integrated into the everyday of what people do without being cumbersome or feeling like exercises in futility.
  • Acknowledge that a technology-tool is only PART of the solution and that the tool will only be as good as the information you put into it.


Determined to get it right but don’t know where to start?

Don’t start by searching for cool apps or tech.

Look inwards first… here are some ideas to get the ball rolling:

  • Start small – choose one department, or one group, or even one role where you feel your organization is most vulnerable and then dig deep into how it ticks.
  • Pull together what you already have: training manuals, templates, checklists, policies and procedures; then look for the gaps.
  • Brainstorm a list of most frequently asked questions by new starters.


If you are still stalled on how to get this right – consider making Coherent Solutions part of your team and let us help facilitate this process.


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